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2 April 2013

Snow & Illness hamper results at Donington

Lee still recovering from illness and more freezing cold weather (and snow) forces Lee to ride well within his comfort zone but still comes away from Donington Park 3rd in championship. Snetterton will be the next round and not the best track for the team, but then we head to Cadwell Park and Oulton Park where we hope Lee will be feeling better and be able to ride at 100%.

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11 March 2013

Lee not well at Brands Hatch but scores some solid points

Despite some freezing cold weather and being unwell, Lee scores solid championship points at the opening round and starts the season in 3rd place in the championship and only 19 points of the lead after round 1.

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23 January 2013

2013 TV Schedule Released

TV Schedule for the 2013 Season has been released. Golden Era Superbikes now in a show entitled THUNDERSPORT PLUS and looks like it will be shown a week later than 2012 season..

21:00pm Thursday 28th March  – Brands Hatch

21:30pm Thursday 18th April – Donington Park GP
21:30pm Thursday 16th May – Snetterton 200
21:30pm Thursday 13th June – Cadwell Park
21:30pm Thursday 11h July – Oulton Park
21:30pm Thursday 15th August – Rockingham
21:30pm Thursday 12th September – Anglesey

21:30pm Thursday 17th October – Mallory Park

21:30pm Thursday 14th November – Donington Park National

All on Motors TV (Sky 413 or Virgin media 545)

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28 December 2012

Lee Street Fighter's at Plum Pudding

The team convert Lee R's Mille into a Street Fighter for the Plum Pudding race at Mallory Pak on Boxing day and Lee bags a couple of wins!

 Lee in Street Fighter Mode!

Click Here for more pictures

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28 October 2012

Lee's Ducati 1198 Race Bike is for sale

Lee's Ducati 1198 Race Bike is for sale

This high spec bike is now for sale, click here for more details.

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23 October 2012

3 Wins from 4 Starts @ the Final Round @ Mallory Park

Lee R. Takes Pole, Class Lap Record and 3 Wins at Mallory Park, finishing the season on a high.

The team would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters for a great 2012 season.

Mallory Park - Oct 2012

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14 October 2012

Provisional 2013 Dates Announced

Sunday 24th February – Mallory Park (ACU-CTC course & General Test Day)

Friday 8th March – Thundersport GB testing
Saturday 9th March – Brands Hatch (Invicta Challenge)
Sunday 10th March – Brands Hatch (Invicta Challenge)

Saturday 30th March – Thundersport GB test day @98DBa**
Sunday 31st March – Donington Park GP (Robert Fearnall Trophy)
Monday 1st April – Donington Park GP (Robert Fearnall Trophy)

Friday 26th April – Thundersport GB testing
Saturday 27th April – Snetterton 200 (Ace of Clubs)
Sunday 28th April – Snetterton 200 (Ace of Clubs)

Saturday 25th May – Thundersport GB testing
Sunday 26th May – Cadwell Park (King of the Mountain)
Monday 27th May – Cadwell Park (King of the Mountain)

Friday 21st June – Thundersport GB testing/qualifying
Saturday 22nd June – Oulton Park (inc. Adam Boyle Trophy)

Friday 26th July – Thundersport GB testing
Saturday 27th July – Rockingham (Thunder at the Rock)
Sunday 28th July – Rockingham (Thunder at the Rock)

Saturday 24th August – Thundersport GB testing/qualifying
Sunday 25th August – Anglesey (Moto Super-Prix of Wales)
Monday 26th August – Anglesey (Moto Super-Prix of Wales)

Friday 27th September – Thundersport GB testing
Saturday 28th September – Mallory Park (Master of Mallory)
Sunday 29th September – Mallory Park National (Master of Mallory)

Friday 25th October – Thundersport GB test day @ 98 DBa**
Saturday 26th October – Donington Park Nat. (Duke of Donington)
Sunday 27th October – Donington Park (Duke of Donington)

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24 September 2012

Lee Wraps Up Championship at Cadwell Park

Lee wraps up the 2012 Golden Era Superbike Championship at the first race at Cadwell Park.

Lee Reveley - Cadwell Park

Race report to follow.

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2 September 2012

Great racing at Castle Combe

Lee Reveley - Castle Combe 2012

Yesterday the team travelled to Castle Combe for a non-championship round racing with NG Road Racing.

Despite Lee's Aprilia Mille being seriously under powered against the newer machinery, he entered all races the machine was eligible for and ended up with a couple of wins.

Lee R's Report:
I Love Castle Combe, there is only one bike meeting there a year but I have managed to race there nearly every year since I started racing.
The place is fast, so I knew we’d struggle with our 125bhp Aprilia Mille against 200bhp superbikes..

We’d entered the Powerbike, Open (i.e. Superbike Spec 1000 cc Machinery, GSXR’s, R1’s, Blades etc) and Sound Of Thunder (Triples and Twins – i.e. Ducati 1098’s, KTM RC8’s, Triumph 675’s etc).
We had got our work cut out!

Had some great racing and got faster and faster as the day went on, managed to win both of the Sound of Thunder races (with me starting from the back of the grid in the first race!) and set the club’s class lap record to boot!

Thanks to the team as we all had a busy day, with me out on track 7 times in one day!

Just found this online, I started at the back of the grid in this race, and this happened just ahead of me on the first lap:


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29 August 2012

Angry Sea !

Great Racing on Day 1, but racing cancelled on Day 2 due to high winds. Lee R. close to sealing 2012 championship, Lee P. still out injured.

Lee R - Anglesey

Lee R's Report:

Not one of my best circuits to be honest, Only raced there twice before and both times we had issues and disrupted track time. With only a half day practice we didn't have a lot of time to improve on set up or my lines so it was a case of round peg - square hole force fit!

Two of my main rivals (Richard Blunt and Rob Wilson) managed to throw themselves down the road in practice and eliminated themselves from the weekend (get well soon chaps!), which took the pressure off a little.

I managed to get down to a lap time within 1 second of my times there last year on the Ducati 1098 - which I was fairly happy with but would have liked to have gone a little quicker.

In both Races I got an average start but made my way to the front by lap 3 or 4 and then chipped away the laps gapping 2nd place man by around 0.5 to 1 second a lap.

Unfortantely when we woke up on the Monday the weather had turned really bad and the meeting was cancelled to to high winds, which was a shame but we are getting a double points extra race at Cadwell Park (One of my favourite circuits) so every cloud ... !

Shouldn't moan about 2 wins from 2 starts, although a shame the grid wasn't a little fuller (mind you Angelsey is a major trip for most people!), hoping to have more bikes out on the grid at Cadwell. Thanks again to the team.

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30 July 2012

Rock Hard for Lee

A tough weekend for Lee R. @ Rockingham as Lee P. sits out with broken collar bone.

Lee Reveley - Rockinham 2012

Lee R's Report:

I've not raced at Rockingham before and only ridden on the circuit once before a couple of months ago on a trackday.

I'd had a big crash on my mountain bike the week before and broke the thumb on my throttle hand, so I knew I was going to have a tuff time of it.

Friday practice started off well and by lunch time I'd got down to a 1.30.8 lap time, which I was quiet happy with. In the afternoon we failed to improve on the time, the tyres had gone off so I parked the bike up and waited for qualifying the next day.

In qualifying we managed to get pole by 3/4 of a second and matched my practice time with a 1.30.799.

First race started OK, I got my traditional bad start, but by lap 6 I had took the lead, only to lose the front through one of the quick left handers. I got away with just a grazed elbow, but trashed my leathers and did a bit of damage to the bike - the main thing being my quickshifter and rear sets.

We only just got the bike ready for the 2nd race and I struggled a bit but had a good fight with Richard Blunt and Rob Wilson - I finished 2nd to Richard.

Over night we decided to try and wire up a push button quickshifter using the remains of the Dynojet wiring and a spare starter switch, we got it ready and I tested it in warm up - it wasn't as good as having the proper strain-gauge on the gear lever, but better than nothing at all.

In the first race on Sunday I had a great fight Craig Jeff for 3rd place and I set the fastest lap time but finished a close 4th place.

In the final race I had another great scrap with Rob Wilson but couldn't quiet make a pass stick on him and finished 2nd by 0.3 of a second, a little frustraited as I felt if I could have got a clear lap I might have been able to make a break, but good close racing all in all.

Not as bad a weekend as it could have been. although not impressed with crashing again - that's two crashes in 2 meetings - before that I hadn't crashed in over 2 years!
This time though it turns out the front tyre was well past its best, shame because it really knocked my confidence over the weekend.

Off to Anglesey next, not one of my favourite circuits, but then after that we have Cadwell Park which I love!

Thanks again for Dad & Stu for working hard to fix the bike - I'll try not to break it again - Promise!

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25 June 2012

Traumatic weekend @ Snetterton

Lee R with Paul Ashton - Snetterton 2012

Both riders have their ups and downs (literally) at Snetterton..

Lee R.'s report:

The slipper clutch broke in practice on the Friday so we had to put a standard clutch in for the race weekend.

On the Saturday...

I set pole and then promptly crashed in qualifying – just a little front end crash at the hairpin, no real damage to me or the bike.

Had a massive fight with a blinding fast ex Honda Britain RC45 in the first race but beat him in the end and won, however in the  2nd race my bike went pop and I had to retire (I think I’d been over revving it due to there being no slipper clutch - not good!).

On the Sunday...

We thought that was the weekend over, but Nick Williamson (one of my main rival's in the championship) came to see me on the Sunday morning and offered me the Mille he’d just bought as a spare bike - what a top bloke!

It wasn’t prepped or ready to race so we missed warm up but managed to get out for the first race, it was wet and as I was on a borrowed bike, I took it steady for the first few laps and then slowly stepped up the pace.. managed to catch Jason Dixon in 2nd place by 2 seconds a lap, but just ran out of laps and finished 3rd behind him.

The 2nd race was dry and we made a few tweaks to the bike – it really needed a harder spring on the rear shock, but we did what we could with it as it was. Took it a bit steady again to begin with in 4th place and then got the hammer down, caught the leader (Richard Blunt) with 3 laps to go and had a right fight with him, but every time I passed him he just passed me down the straights again (shame he'd just upgraded his motor from a 600 to a 750!!), I ended up 2nd by 0.3 of a second!..

Good finish to a crazy weekend - massive thanks to Nick for lending me his bike (not sure he'll be happy I beat him on it in the 2nd race, so he might not offer again!!) - but thanks again Nick!.. Big thanks to the team (especially Dad and Stuart) who worked their nutts off all weekend and thanks to Peter Baker for some suspension advice.

My poorly bike is off to Griff @ Aprilia Performance - he's bound to give me a bollocking for over-revving it!! and slipper back to Sigma - so hopefully it won't end up over-revving again!

Get Well Soon to my Team Mate "Peaches" - I'll let him tell the story...

Lee P's report:

Once again we were expecting poor weather conditions and we were not disappointed. I had never been to Snetterton but new it had two long straights which would allow me to see what my bike could do.

Friday practise started with a guided tour of the track with Lee R and my initial feeling was good, the track did have two fantastic straights and some interesting corners. The rain and wind kept up throughout the day with only the last session being dry, which allowed my to set a time to beat in qualifying the next day. The time I was aiming for was 1min 25sec, unfortunately the best I could achieve was 1min 27sec.

Qualifying started and I new I had a lot to do, I spoke with Lee R and realised there were a couple of corners which I could take a lot faster. I managed to do a 1min 25sec, but this only put me in 14th position, last place, however the three bikes in front of me were only one second quicker, so I new I could improve in the race.

Race one was a very wet and windy one, I had a great start and was 6th / 7th by the 2nd corner. I maintained this position for most of the opening lap but got beaten up at the end of the back straight and went backwards very quickly. I finished the race a disappointed 14th and new race two must have a better outcome. Race two weather was the same, just higher winds! Another great start and managed not to be beaten up to much. I had a good tussle with two other Millie’s and finished 10th, which was huge improvement.

Sunday morning again brought rain and wind, warm up went well, I was 6th fastest and my spirits were up. Race three was very wet, again I had a great start and managed to keep my pace and position, and I think I over took my team mate at some point?!!! But only for a short while. I finished 6th! Following this I was ready for the last race, this was a DRY race and things looked great. Another good start, 7th coming out of the first corner, however, as we approached Montreal hair pin a green ZX7 crossed my path,  I either hit him or braked hard! I chose the latter and crashed out, breaking my collar bone!!! Not the best end to a great weekend of racing.

Well done to Jack and Stu for getting Lee R back on the track and a huge thank you to Lynnette for the flaky pastry burgers and ongoing support, thanks team.

Lee P's broken collar bone

Lee P's broken collar bone.

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27 May 2012

Double Points Double For Lee @ Oulton Park

Lee Reveley @ Oulton Park

Lee takes both wins @ Oulton Park, both of which were double points races which means he extends his lead in the championship even further to over 200 points! Lee P. has a practice day from hell but managed to score some points in the 2nd race on Saturday.

Rider reports below:

Lee R's Report:

I'd been looking forward to Oulton Park for weeks, its just one of those circuits you just have to love - but a difficult circuit to master! The weather was hot!!

We'd got 3 practice sessions on Friday morning, I'd got some lap time targets in mind and started by making good progress to begin with, however before the final session there was a few incidents out on track and half the track ended up having cement dust down on the racing line, which really blew any chance of me pushing on towards my target time.

In qualifying I knew who to be looking out for and Stuart gave me all the right data on my lap board, I set a time I thought would be good enough for pole and pulled in - we were spot on and I got pole by 1.16 seconds.

On the Saturday we had two great races, both times fighting with Josh Daley in the first parts, the kid can ride and is like some crazy rabid dog that won't give up, every time I passed him he jumped back under me at the next apex, so in both races I had to make strategic passes and then slow him up mid corner so I could then make a break. It worked in both races and I was then able to get my head down and make the break both times.

Stuart gave me awesome info from the pit boards which allowed me to control the race from the front, whenever I got a gap less than 1 second I had enough in hand to step up the pace a little and keep the lead.

We now have a really comfortable lead in the championship - Thanks again to the whole team!

We will be working on the bike before the next round as I really want to improve the ground clearance on the bike, a couple of times when I was fighting with Josh I nearly crashed as the belly pan is bottoming out on the deck and peeling the bike off the tyres - I'm sure its something we can fix with a few tweaks!

Lee P.'s Report:

I arrived on Thursday evening, the weather was fantastic and I was feeling good.

Friday practise was challenging as I had decided to change my gear lever to racing shift, the opposite to road shift. Four laps in and things were feeling great, so I decided to follow a bike which I new was quick round here. As I entered “Knickerbrook” corner I realised I was in the wrong gear and decided to change from 2nd to 3rd, unfortunately I forgot about the racing shift and dropped it into 1st!!!!! Obviously this caused me some issues and the bike spat me off. I managed to head butt the track which badly damaged my lid, bruised my right elbow and fortunately, only had light damage to the right hand side of the bike so I was very lucky. The team put my bike back together whilst I put myself back together and we were back out in the next session. My lap timer was not working so I had no idea what times I was doing, although I new they were well off the pace. After lunch was qualifying, during my second lap I was heading towards “Hizzy’s chicane” and as I approached my breaking point I grabbed a hand full of NOTHING!! and ran straight on to the tarmac slip road. I pulled into the pits and the team notified me that my left hand side break calliper had lost one bolt which allowed the calliper to twist away from the disc. By time this was fixed I had run out of qualifying time and had to start 17th out of 23.

I had two great starts but eventually got caught and over taken by most of the bikes I had passed on the start. Race one I finished 17th and race two I finished 15th, at least I got 2 points from a hard weekend.

Once again a huge thanks to the team for all their help.
Looking forward to Snetterton, this will be my first visit here so I have a fresh clean sheet to start with.

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23 April 2012

Full House @ Mallory Park!

Lee R. on Pole @ Mallory Park

Both Riders get good results at Mallory Park - Lee R. bags a full house with Pole and 4 wins from 4 starts!

Lee R's Report:

Griff @ Aprilia Performance had the bike since Donington Park and had done some work on her, so I was keen to see what improvements he'd made, hence we were hoping for some dry racing at Mallory, but the weather forecasts all week were looking terrible - and unfortunately they were right!

We had a dry qualifying session and, as I was getting great pit signals, half way through the session I could see I was on Pole by 3.5 Seconds, so I decided to save the tyres and come in. Nick Williamson (2nd in the championship table) managed to find a second during the remaining qualifying time, but I was still on pole by a good margin on a 55.3 - knowing I'd got a fair bit in hand.

The weather then went downhill after that, we ended up with a fully wet Race 1, then a damp race 2 and then on the Sunday two wet races. I managed to win all 4 races which obviously strengthens our championship lead - especially as Nick broke down in the 2nd race and failed to get to the grid for the 2 races on Sunday.

Thanks to the team - changing conditions meant they had their work cut out, but preparation and teamwork meant we were ready for every situation, which made my job easy when I went to the grid!..

Lets hope we have some sunshine at Oulton Park - mind you : Ian Simpson and that damm RC45 are due to be back!!! - So we'll have to put the hammer down if we want any chance of stepping on the top step that weekend!.

Lee P's Report:

Following my disappointing round at Donington I new I had to get my head down and get back on the pace.

Friday practise was the first day of a showery weekend ahead of us. I knew my lap times would be down slightly, so I decided to concentrate of the two sections of track where I new I could improve time wise, exit from Gerard’s into Edwina’s and my entrance into the Hairpin, then out of the Bus stop. Although my times were not as good as I had expected, they were consistent.

Saturday morning qualifying was a mix of sun and showers, not the best conditions. I qualified 12th, disappointed as I should have qualified in the top 10.

Race 1 - I had a poor start off the grid due to the bike in front nearly stalling with me and the bike behind nearly swapping paint. I managed to get back on the pace and was making good head way until 3 laps from the end where Rob Wilson passed me. I kept with Rob and noticed he went very wide out of the last corner, so in the last lap I managed to stay right up with Rob and cut inside him as we came out of the last corner, I finished 7th, much to Rob’s disgust. 

Races 2, 3 & 4 – Once again, we had very wet conditions. I managed to get some good starts and finished all three races in 8th. Although my times did not improve, I felt I rode well and also received some good feed back from the team and other riders.

I managed to get back onto my goal of top ten in every race, with some well needed points. I’ve moved from 17th to 12th in the championship and hoping for a DRY weekend at Oulton Park.

Thanks to the team for all their help, assistance and encouragement I couldn’t do it without you.

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26 March 2012

Glorious Weather at Donington Park (Well Eventually!)

Donington Park - Race 1 - Lee leads the way!

The team headed to Donington Park for Round 2 of the Thundersport GB Golden Era Superbike series.

Both riders where on the back-foot as other commitments meant they had to miss the practice day, so both would have no setup time and jump straight into qualifying with no practice (Lee R. having not ridden the Mille round Donington Park at all).

Saturday morning the circuit was covered in fog, which didn't clear until nearly midday, this meant races on Saturday were shortened and our class would have one double points race as opposed to two races.

Lee R's Report:
Not having any testing was going to be a problem, we had to guess at gearing and setup and go out and do the best we could in qualifying. To make matters worse Ian Simpson (Ex BSB and TT Winner) was riding a factory spec rc45 - so it looked like we'd be battling for 2nd place this weekend!

After a frantic and messy qualifying session (including a red flag, and me only getting in 5 laps) I was surprised to find I'd qualified 3rd, front row, which was good enough for me, we made a few tweaks to the suspension and prepared for our only race on Saturday, which was due to be lengthened to 12 laps to compensate for us losing a race. More stoppages and an incident on our warm-up lap meant we were down to 6 laps - on a double points race - I had to pull my finger out.

The race started and Simpson shot off like a train, I chased after him, much to my surprise Josh Daley screamed past me down Craner Curves, the race turned into a scrap between me and Josh as Simpson slowly escaped, until about lap 4/5 when I got passed Josh and started to reel in Ian. I set fastest lap after fastest lap as I caught him up, then on the last lap I made a massive lunge into the Melbourne Hairpin and took the lead, I rode the last two corners as defensive as I could and took the win by 0.015 of a second!

Well chuffed with the victory, even if I did mug poor Ian who'd rode a perfect race until then. Josh Daley is some kind of corner speed hero and put up a great fight.

Sunday wasn't so good! - In warm-up Simpson stamped his authority on the class and set a lap quicker than I'd managed in the race, but I was on pole with the quickest "Mega Lap" on the previous day.

In both races Ian cleared off, I had a fight with Josh again in the first race before I got passed him and he then retired. In the 2nd race I had a massive near high-side moment on the warm-up lap and was convinced I had an issue with my rear tyre, so set off in the race at a steady pace, dropped to about 6th/7th and then picked up the pace as I gained confidence in the rear tyre and made my way back to 2nd.

Not a bad weekend really, we've extended our lead in the championship - loads of little issues to sort out on the bike - she's going off to Griff @ Aprilia Performance this weekend to be fettled before Mallory Park - my local circuit!

Thanks to my brother Ross for the awesome photo!

Lee P's report:
This was not the best return following my crash at Brands.

Friday practise was arranged by another company and spaces where limited, therefore I could not get a place on either the noisy day (Thursday) nor the quiet day (Friday), not the best start, I need my practise.

We arrived on Saturday to a very foggy Donington, the fog did not start to clear until around 11am, resulting in a rushed 15min qualifying session and double points, single race. The qualifying session was stopped by two bad crashes, best wishes to Paul Willis and Dave Harnett, which did not help matters. My qualifying time was about 6 seconds off my usual pace, I just couldn’t find the flow and the more I tried the slower I became, leading to frustration and disappointment. I qualified 18th out of 24 and realised I had a lot to do in the race.

Race 1 / 2  - I had a good start off the grid and made about 5 places at the first corner, but then got a bit tangled up down into the old hair-pin and dropped 2 places. My times were not improving and I found myself stuck in a grove. I finished a disappointing 16th, but at least I got a signature for my rookie vest, 5 more and I don’t have to wear it.

Race 3 / 4 – I woke up Sunday with a much improved mental state, although still foggy for sometime, things got underway as per the schedule. Warm up went well, I concentrated on my gears and lines, desperately trying to find the flow of the track and improve my times. Again I got a good start in both races, making 3 – 5 places on the first corner. During race 3 I had a great little tussle with a Kawasaki 750 which I beat and managed to score a point, which helped me settle down and regain some confidence ahead of race 4. Races 4 again went well, although I did not improve on my position of race 3, I still scored a point and managed to do my best lap time, which was still 2 – 3 seconds off my estimated time.

All in all, I’m glad to have got through the weekend with a couple of points and without a broken bike / rider. Mallory next and hoping to do a lot better, top 10 this time for sure!!!!

Thanks to the team for all their help, assistance and encouragement I couldn’t do it without you.

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5 March 2012

Baltic Weather at Brands Hatch for Round 1!

Brands Hatch - Bikes in Garage

The team headed to Brands Hatch for the opening round of the Thundersport GB Golden Era Superbike Series.

Lee R's Report:

On Saturday we had the best weather.. although the first race was a damp drying track, we both went out on wets to be safe.

I led the first race all the way to the end, the last two laps I got pit signals to say I had a massive lead, so out of the last corner I stood on the pegs to celebrate just as two riders passed me and beat me to the line – ended up 3rd - It appeared later that the 2 riders had dry tyres on and in the last couple of laps destroyed the 8 second lead I had as I struggled round on destroyed wets - never mind 3 more races to make amends.

The track was pretty much dry all the way round by the time the 2nd race started - I took the lead on about the 3rd lap and won by 16 seconds – that’s nearly a 3rd of a lap !!

As I set the fastest lap under the new “Mega Lap” rule I was on pole then for Sunday when the TV coverage is on - result!

On Sunday the weather was horrid, driving rain and must have only been just above zero temperature by the afternoon.

I should have won the first race, but had a massive slide out of clearways into the last lap and finished a close 2nd.

4th race was freezing, as I pulled up on the line the race director came up to me, felt my front tyre and said “Watch it out there, if the weather drops another degree I’m going to abandon the race” – really confidence inspiring as we head off!! – I pulled off pretty steady thinking they would certainly abandon the race – we got a few laps in and I realised they weren’t – so got my head down – I finished a close 3rd.

All in all not a bad weekend, Brands Hatch is my least favourite circuit, and we have come away leading the championship by 12 points – so not a bad weekend!

Lee P's report:

Brands Hatch, WOW!!!

This was my first visit to Brands and one I will always remember.
Practise day (Friday) started well, I was aiming for 55sec laps and managed a 57 before lunch. Unfortunately I just couldn’t get back on the pace in the afternoon and found myself going slightly backwards in time.

Racing day one; I’d sorted my head out and quickly got back on the pace. My aim this season was to finish in the top ten (at least) on every race. I qualified 10th out of 22 riders. When we lined up on the grid, another rider was in my grid position, so the steward pushed me back to the next row, won’t be letting that happen again! Had a great start off the line in damp conditions and continued to battle throughout the race, finishing 8th at the end. The second race did not start so well, 5 mins before we went out, we noticed my new rear tyre only had 3psi. After frantically searching for another wheel / slick, our only choice was to go out on a dry track with a wet rear. As I also missed the sighting lap I had to start at the back of the grid, 20th! Despite this I did some 56sec laps and finished 14th, not great but could have been worse.

Race day two; Wet, cold but ready to go! Had a good warm up with 6th fastest lap time. Unfortunately following day one’s issues with the rear tyre, I had to start in 17th position, so the bit was securely between my teeth, so to speak. I’d had a great battle with a GSXR 750 and a Kawasaki 750. I had taken them both and was pulling away. I could have and should have dropped off the pace as I only had two laps to go, but I didn’t and crashed out, front end. Bashed and bruised my elbow, left foot and knee, but ok really. Bikes a little bent, but mainly superficial damage, couldn’t race last race due to injuries.

Big thanks to the team for all their help and support, especially the food!!!!

Looking forward to Donington now.

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29 February 2012

New Challenge for 2012 and New Team Member!

For 2012 the team will be contesting a new series, the Golden Era Superbikes.
The team will be running a pair of Aprilia RSV Mille's with a new rider joining us, Lee Powell.

Lee Powell started racing in 2011 and did some selected rounds of the Supertwins Championship on his Aprilia, however in 2012 he will be contesting all rounds of the GE Superbikes Series.

Lee R. started the season with a wet mallory park session last wednesday then both riders attended the offical test at Mallory Park on Sunday.

Lee R. had a great day, tweaking set up and getting down to qualifying times from last October, whilst Lee P. had opposite fortune as the bike developed a fairly terminal engine problem.

The team (especially Lee P.!) are working hard to get Lee P. out at Brands Hatch this weekend.

We'll keep you posted!!..

P.S: Lee R. will also be competing selected rounds of the GP1 series on the Ducati 1098 - more details on this to follow.

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6 February 2012

2012 Race and TV Dates confirmed

The Race Calendar has been updated with the 2012 race schedule, also TV dates/times have been released:

Motors TV (Sky 413 / Virgin Media 545)

BRANDS HATCH - 7.30pm Thursday 15th March 2012

DONINGTON PARK - 7.30pm Thursday 5th April 2012
MALLORY PARK - 7.30pm Thursday 3th May 2012
OULTON PARK - 7.30pm Thursday 14th June 2012
SNETTERTON 200 - 7.30pm Thursday 12th July 2012
ROCKINGHAM INTERNATIONAL - 7.30pm Thursday 9th August 2012
ANGLESEY COASTAL - 7.30pm Thursday 6th September 2012
CADWELL PARK - 7.30pm Thursday 4th October 2012
MALLORY PARK - 7.30pm Thursday 1st November 2012

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9 October 2011

Lee seals 2011 Championship

Wet Bike Oulton Park

With a round still to go Lee seals up the 2011 championship making him 3 x Thundersport GB Supertiwn Champion.

The conditions at Oulton Park were very iffy with the first race being wet, conscious of not doing anything rash, Lee followed Mike Walker home in the first race.

A very last minute decision saw Lee go out in the final race on the No.1 bike and cut slicks, the track was drying but was still very wet and tricky in places. However it was the right decision. Lee took his time to begin with while he sussed out the conditions and then gradually increased his speed throughout the race, going from 17th overall to 10th in the GP1 race before the chequered flag and taking the Supertwin Class win.

Great to seal the championship with a round in hand, this way the team can enjoy the Mallory Park round without any championship pressures.

The team would like to thanks all their sponsors and support.

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28 August 2011

Lee's Ducati 1098 S is for sale

For Sale


Lee's No.2 bike is for sale, if you are interested please get in touch via the Contact page for more information!

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3 Wins at Pembrey

Lee wins all 3 races in a depleted Supertwins grid, as main rival Scot Adam suffers a breakdown in practice. Lee still manages to have some great fights with GP1 and Superstock bikes and also breaks the ThunderSport GB Supertwin Lap Record by half a second whilst having a great final race battling with Alex Heaton and Greg Lewis.

 Congrats to Lee Powell for getting 2nd place in the final race on Sunday!

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18 July 2011

3 Wins at Snetterton 300

Snetterton 300With a very mixed bag on the weather front Lee bags 3 wins at the new Snetterton 300 circuit.

Both Les and Scot fail to finish in both Races on Sunday which helps Lee extend his championship lead.

The Donington Park round has been cancelled, so the next meeting is at Pembrey at the end of August.

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1 June 2011

Soaking wet @ Cadwell Park!

Lee @ Cadwell2 Laps into the first race on Saturday the heavens opened and the rain didn't stop until we left!...

Lee fights with ex GP1 Champ Peter Baker in Race 1 in tricky drying conditions on the Saturday and wins the Supertwins Race.

On Sunday racing was in full wet conditions and Lee wins the first race, however in Race 2 whilst battling for the Supertwins lead Lee's gear lever falls off and has to limp round for the remaining laps stuck in gear - Lee still manages to take 2nd place on the Supertwin podium.

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10 May 2011

Knightmare @ Anglesey!

The team have a knightmare at Anglesey, an electrical fault causes problems on the test day and most of the day is spent trying to resolve the issue. The team eventually assume the fault is due to a faulty ECU and replace the ECU on the No.1 Bike with the ECU from the No.2 Bike.

The bike behaved great during qualifying, only to break down on the warm-up lap for Race 1.

Clearly we had not found the problem, but what ever it was it had blown both ECU's - and we had no more!..

Now with no running bike the team faced going home and having to miss the racing on Sunday. Tony from MotoCorse UK drove up from Wrexham to bring a stock ECU from one of their track bikes. Although the fueling would not be great, we would at least be able to run the No.2 Bike and race on the Sunday.

Lee struggled in both races, having missed the majority of testing time and running on a badly fueled and under powered spare bike, but still managed to get 3rd in both races and limit the damage over the weekend.

BIG THANKS to Tony @ MotoCorse for his help on the Saturday Night!

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11 April 2011

Problems at Donington Park

The weekend started well, with Lee qualifying top Supertwin and 13th on the grid. The team had been working hard to try and resolve some suspension issues and were confident the changes we'd made would improve results in the race.
Lee had a great race 1 on Saturday and pushed his way up to 8th overall and finished top Supertwin.

"I had a great race", explains Lee," Some good scraps with the GP1 boys and really enjoyed the race, I knew where I could improve and was looking to shave another second off my lap time on Sunday so we could push for a top 5 finish in the overall race".

Unfortunately on Sunday we had a problem with the number one bike, just before heading out to the grid for the first race, the team quickly had to switch wheels and send Lee out on the Number 2 bike (which hadn't been setup for the dry)

"It was very frustrating after the progress we'd made on Saturday to have to head out on the slow bike - which was not set up what so ever. I really struggled in the race as the brakes were dreadful, suspension felt real soft and the bike felt really slow! I held the Supertwin lead for about half the race before Scot Adam came past, I managed to hang with him and hoped to make a pass into the chicane on the last lap - however I had a massive slide coming out of coppice and this prevented me from being close enough to try."

"In between races we switched the whole front end over from the fast bike, including the whole front break setup, in a hope to make the best bike of what we'd got - this still wouldn't help the fact that we'd got a stock engine, which meant we'd get blitzed by the GP1 boys, but hoped it would help to keep on top of the Supertwins. I held the lead for a lot longer again this time, but eventually Scot came past with about 3 laps to go. I stayed with him and worked on where I could re-pass. However we caught some back markers right at the wrong time as we approached Red Gate, Scott got passed the pair of them before the corner, but I had to slot in between them, this gave Scot a second or so gap, which I just couldn't make back up before the flag."

"Very disappointed after such a promising start to the weekend. Fair play to Scot he rode well in both the races. Even though we had these problems, we have extended our lead in the championship. I think we need to spend some time on the No.2 bike in the dry, as it didn't feel like my bike and if we need to use it in the dry again I'd like to be a lot more confident on it."

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13 March 2011

3 Wins from 3 Starts at Mallory Park

Lee starts the season well, despite a lack of pre-season testing and comes away from the first round with maximum points.

"Despite the points haul, I'm a little disappointed with how the weekend went.. " explains Lee, " I even beat my personal best by nearly a second and set the new Supertwins lap record but felt I should have gone quicker and got a better result in the overall GP1 race. After qualifying I was certain I could get into the low 54's / mid 53's and it just didn't happen. We had major rear tyre issues the whole weekend, and I started each race with appalling starts which meant I had to battle my way through each race and never really got a good string of clear lap times."

"Still we did the business in the Supertwins race and come away leading the championship, so I can't be too unhappy about that. Well done to Lee Powell, competing for the first time - talk about straight into the lions den! Awesome ride by Alex Heaton on a Superstock 1198S, Scot Adam was always in the mix, and a great ride from Les (despite being knocked off in the last race) considering he hadn't done any testing before the weekend.

"Thanks again to the team, and all my friends who came to support - Roll on Donington Park - Hoping to have the setup issues resolved before then!"

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28 February 2011

First time on track in 2011

The team spent a cold and wet day at Mallory Park on Sunday at the official Thundersport GB Test Day.

"I was looking forward to getting on the No.1 (dry) bike and getting some quality track time, but it wasn't to be .." Says Lee.
"The weather was dreadful all day, so we took the wet bike out for a shake down in 3 of the sessions. It wasn't a totally wasted day, but I'd have prefered it to have been dry (at least for part of the day!)."

"Its a bit frustraiting as we've made some developments with the fast bike (thanks to Dave Allenby and Tony @ Motocorse UK) and I was looking forward to testing it in anger! - plus I can't get motivated to test in the wet, as far as I'm concerned, the only thing you can gain is a big repair bill if you push too hard!"

"Thanks to all the team for putting up with the crap conditions - hoping to get out again before the first round."

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15 February 2011

Final Prep for 2011 Season

No.1 Bike is now with Tony @ Motocorse UK having fueling setup and some goodies added!
Dave Allenby has done a top job getting the bike rebuilt.

No.2 Bike still has some work needed, waiting for the front forks to come back from K-Tech.
Hope to be out testing before the month is out - more news as it happens!.

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22 January 2011

Bikes nearly ready for 2011 Season

Both bikes (dry & wet) are nearly ready for the new season. The No.1 bike has had a full strip, both engine and chassis (work done by Dave Allenby), and should be ready for collection next weekend. Its then going up to Tony @ Moto Corse UK to be Dyno'ed and have all the fueling remapped etc.

There's been some development work done on the bike, more about that later - Top secret at the moment !!

Poor wet bike hasn't had any enhancements with the exception of the front forks being reworked as they were way too soft last year!

More news as it happens!!

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26 October 2010

The team win all 3 Supertwin races at Donington Park

At a cold and wet Donington Park, Lee secures victory in all 3 Supertwin races, despite having to use the No.2 bike for all 3 races.

Well done to Les Liney for securing 2nd in the Championship after a season long battle with Scot Adam, hard luck to Scot who has given us both a run for our money throughout the season!

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30 September 2010

Team miss Anglesea meeting due to illness

Lee had the FLU so we had to miss the Anglesea meeting, but with Championship already won there was no point treking all the way to Anglesea with a sick rider!

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31 August 2010

The Team secure 2010 Championship at Brands Hatch

Lee lands 3 podiums and scores enough points to seal the Championship over the Bank Holiday weekend at Brands Hatch Indy circuit.

Race report to follow shortly!

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9 August 2010

Lap recorded smashed at Cadwell Park

Mixed results at Cadwell Park for the team, but Lee breaks his own lap record and increases Championship lead.

"Race 1 on Saturday is best not talked about!"

"We had some odd conditions and the first part of the race was red flagged when it started to rain and a couple of riders went down heavily."

"I was in two minds as to which bike / tyres to go out on for the restart, but only having the choice of slicks or wets I decided to play it safe and go out on wets - WRONG CHOICE! The track was bone dry by the time we got going and I wobbled round purely to take some points."

"Well done to Scott for making the right choice and the win, well done too to Les for making the wrong choice and going out on wets like me, but laping 8 seconds a lap faster than I was able to go!"

"Fortunately the weather on Sunday was much better and we had two dry races."

"In the first race on Sunday (race 2) I got a clean start and was right behind a GP1 bike that was doing the same sort of pace as me, as the race went on I started to up my pace and was being held up a little, but had not felt any pressure from behind so was happy to follow the GP1 bike home - little did I know that Robin Hooker had caught me at one point - he had also taken the lap record and gone a a couple of tenths faster than me - race 3 was going to be interesting!"

"The next race started exactly the same as the previous race, I managed to get a good start and sat behind the same GP1 bike. At first he stretched a gap on me, but I soon got back onto his back wheel - just as his bike started spewing something on the track. I found myself mesmorised and wondering how many big moments he was going to have before he either put his hand up and pulled over or crashed."

"This slowed my pace somewhat and going down Park Straight Robin Hooker came past me, I tried to outbreak him, but as he had the inside line I had to fall in behind him."

"We were soon on the back of the GP1 bike and it was Robin's turn to sit behind the scarey Suzuki ahead of us, as we all went through Hall Bends the GP1 rider had a highside moment and retired, this distracted Robin just enought for me to slip through down to the Old Hairpin."

"I then put my head down, and assumed that Robin may have actually got caught up with the GP1 bike, I was wrong! - in hindsight I should have covered the inside up to Park, but again Robin passed me, I then got caught up with a backmarker and Robin got away slightly."

"I pushed on and caught Robin again, this time we caught a backmarker going up to the Mountain, Robin got passed him and I tried to follow, just as the slower rider cut my nose off, I ran over the curbs and managed to stay on the bike, and got passed the back marker before Hall Bends."

"On the next lap I broke the lap record and got right on the back of Robin just as we headed into the last lap, his bike was quicker than mine so I couldn't pass him into Park, but made up the lost ground on the breaks as we headed to the Gooseneck and Mansfield, I realised I wasn't close enough to make a safe pass."

"I decided I'd line him up for a block pass into the Old Hairpin, and was prepared to follow him over the Mountain and Hall Bends to get the line and speed perfect for the pass, but as we went over the Mountain I'd managed to get along side him and went for a pass into Hall Bends. Unfortunately I felt I hadn't got along side far enough for Robin to realise I was there and rather than us both going down I pulled in behind him, this then ruined my line through Hall Bends and the chance to pass at the Hairpin. I then nearly highsided out of the Hairpin as I was eager to still try and take the win, but I failed and crossed the line 0.3 seconds behind Robin."

"Good racing though, pleased I knocked a good chunk off my best round at Cadwell, though I think if I could have got a clear track in the final race I could have dipped into the 33's. Hard luck to Scot who crashed out in race 3, and welldone to Les for recovering from a pretty disastrous week with his bike."

"Brands Hatch next, probably my worst circuit and Robin will be there again, along with Duncan Gibson, Scot & Les will both be back fighting so I'm going to have my work cut out to even get on the Podium!"

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11 July 2010

SDC Performance

SDC Performance

This company based in Stevenage are a great help to the team.

Gary Smith is an expert with all aspects of race bike preparation and is highly recommended.


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27 June 2010

2 Wins from 2 Starts and lap record smashed at Oulton Park!

The team have an excellent weekend at a scorching Oulton Park

"I've always loved Oulton Park, but never really gone quick there.." explains Lee.

"In the first race I got held up by a group of GP1 bikes and struggled to get past them, I won the Supertwins race but was a little frustrated as I felt I was being held up."

"The 2nd race was probably the best race this season so far, I got a good start and again found myself stuck behind a gaggle of GP1 bikes, and was a little bit too patient with them, as Scot Adam passed me.

"The race was on!.. Scot managed to pick his way through the GP1 bikes and I chased after him, about 2 laps from the end of the race we were passed the GP1 bikes that were holding us up and were setting a good pace."

"I was comfortable behind Scot and could see where I was quicker than him, out of druids on the penultimate lap I got really good drive and passed Scot on the brakes into Lodge, as I crossed the start line I saw the last lap flag and got my head down.."

"I knew if I put in a good half a lap I could ride the rest of the lap defensive and make it really difficult for Scot to try and re-pass. When we got to Hizzy's and I was still in the lead I was confident I'd be able to hold the lead. I thought out of the corner of my eye I'd seen Scot miss the chicane, but wasn't sure so pressed on with the plan of riding the remainder of the lap in defensive mode."

"I crossed the line first with Scot just behind and saw on the lap timer I'd got into the 44's - which was even more pleasing as I'd broke the Supertwins lap record by 4.2 seconds!"

"Great days racing (the weather was a little too hot), shame the track was littered with cement dust as I'm sure we'd gone quicker!"

"Scot was riding like a man possessed, leaving darkies out of every corner, thanks for a great race Scot!"

"Big thanks to all the team, Mum & Dad, Stuart, Les, Jackie and Paul Noble for his ever entertaining company!.. And to top it all I won £10 on the lottery last night! Whoopee!!"

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11 June 2010

Highlights from Race 2 @ Cadwell Park

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1 June 2010

A mountain to climb at Cadwell Park!

After such bad weather at Snetterton, the team were hoping for a nice weekend at Cadwell Park, it was not to be (at least not until Monday afternoon)..

"We'd got Dave Allenby (Ducati Specialist) coming to help us on the Saturday with bike setup and was hoping for good weather, but it wasn't to be and after 2 dampish sessions the weather turned bad and it rained all day" says Lee.

"So Dave basically set the bikes up how he thought they should be and I got out on the wet bike in the pouring rain to see how it felt. It's no secret that I've really struggled with the Ducati in the wet and after some big crashes in wet conditions my confidence in the wet has been completly shot!"

"The bike felt a lot different and it took me a while to get used to it, then Les Liney came past and I was determined to stay with him, the more I pushed the bike the better it felt and I actually started to enjoy riding round in the wet again!"

"When it came to our qualifying session it was really wet and despite getting held up for a couple of laps, and the session ending early due to a red flag, I managed to qualify top Supertwin and 7th overall in GP1 - I was really pleased with the progress we'd made in the wet."

"On the Sunday we had another qualifying session and unfortunately my visor was steaming up and I could hardly see at all, I really struggled and because the track was a lot less wet than the saturday session I slipped down the qualifying sheet."

"All day Sunday it was wet one minute, then dry, then hail, then dry etc etc, an absolute nightmare!.. When it came to our Superpole race the track was drying and the only option was Slicks (even though the track was soaking wet through the Woodland section)."

"I made a decision to bide my time in the race, and hope that the track dried out a bit more before pushing too hard as it was a 14 lap race. I started steady and Les & Scot both pulled away from me, then by about lap 4 or 5 I started to winde up the pace and soon caught them and took the lead and finished 8th in the GP1 race."

"On Monday warm up was damp so I didn't bother going out. Then our troubles began!...."

"When we went to change the wheels on the dry bike, Stuart noticed a crack in the right hand fork leg bottom. With no spare and only an hour before our first race the only option was to use the wet bike for the first race."

"When I went off on the warm up lap I thought I could smell burning clutch plates, when the race started I realised I was right! I was lucky that I was half way down the grid as the bike barely pulled off the line."

"When ever I tried to open the throttle the clutch just slipped, to the point where I was probably only doing 50mph down the straights! But with the Supertwin numbers being low I decided to carry on and scrape as many points as I could, and just tried to carry as much corner speed as I could."

"The race seemed to last a life-time and when I got back was really suprised to find I'd finished 3rd overall!"

"So now we'd got our work cut out.. I wanted to run the fast bike for the final race, but the forks are different on the bikes, so it meant swapping the whole front ends on both bikes, without the facilities to do it!"

"It was all hands to deck, Dad, Les, Lou, Stuart and myself worked on the bikes and finally got the No.1 bike sorted. I now had a bike I could ride, although the forks were going to be too soft and I was convinced we'd not got them far enough through the yokes, at least we could race!"

"The race started and I was a bit sluggish off the line (after loosing the clutch in the race before I didn't want to burn another one out!), I think I passed Scot into Park Corner and was up behind Les, who took me a lap or so to pass (the wily fox that he is!).. I then caught a group of 3 GP1 bikes who were dicing, including my pal Angelo De Rosa."

"I was getting held up and despite one of the GP1 Riders making it hard work for me I knew I had to get pass them, heading into Park one lap Angelo made a move on the guy in front of him and I decided to pass the pair of them, I just made it round and was on the tail of the rider leading the group, I then passed him on the brakes into Mansfield and got my head down.."

"I then had clear track and set about trying to put a good lap time in, when I saw 35's come up on the dash I knew I must have broken the guys behind me and settle down to finish the race."

"I knew when I came into Parc Ferme I'd won the Supertwins race, but was amazed when an excited Dad said to me "You were 3rd in the GP1 race, you might even be 2nd as Peter Baker might be disqualified!" .. I couldn't believe it.."

"Sure enough there had been a couple of fallers in the GP1 race and Peter Baker was disqualified so I'd finished 2nd overall - my best result in the GP1 race!"

"I'd just managed to beat my own PB time, despite really struggling passing people and the bike not wanting to turn due to I think the front of the bike being to tall!"

"So a mental weekend, but all turned out good in the end! BIG BIG THANKS to Dave Allenby for his amazing wisdom, Mum & Dad, Stuart of www.silksandshoes.com, Lou, Darren @ DP Signs for getting the new fairings ready and of course Jackie for holding the fort at home!"

"Lots of work to do now before Oulton Park, but we'll be there and expect a fight, Paul Noble is dusting down his SP1, Duncan Gibson will be back, and Les is now right on the pace!"

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4 May 2010

Scarey Racing @ Snett!

Extreme weather makes for scary racing at Snetterton

"I had to miss the Practice and Qualifying sessions on Saturday due to attending a good friends wedding (Congratulations Tony & Jo - great day!)" Explains Lee.

"I knew I was going to be on the back foot, with the rest of the field being up to speed (especially as the weather was good on Saturday) by the time I turned up on Sunday morning. Fortunately we had another qualifying session, unfortunately it was raining and I had no chance of getting a decent time - especially as we had problems with the wet bike and literally had to limp it round for 3 laps just so I had done the required 3 laps in order to enter the races."

"So with no quick laps this year at Snetterton and starting from the back of the grid I lined up on the grid for race 1 on Sunday. The rain had stopped and the track was dry, but there was a hell of a wind making riding really hard work."

"It took me a lot longer to get down to a reasonable lap time than I thought it would take, by half race distance I started to get going, by this point Les Liney and Scot Adam were so far ahead I couldn't even see them as I entered the back-straight. I then found myself behind pro-bike that was heavily blowing oil and it took me a lap or two to have the confidence to get up behind him and pass as I was certain he was laying down oil and was going to crash."

"I eventually passed him and started trying to work on my lap times, I started to see Scot and Les and could see I was catching them by a couple of seconds a lap, but with them probably 10 seconds ahead of me did not think I would have time to catch them."

"Suddenly I found myself on the back of Scot, I'd been keeping an eye out for the last lap flag and had not seen it, so when I caught Scot I planned to pass him on the next lap, but as we crossed the finish line the chequered flag was out! - Gutted, as I could have pushed and made a pass round the last corner. Still relatively happy with the race considering lack of track time and the weather and I set the fastest lap by 1 second for the Supertwins."

"Well chuffed for my buddy Les Liney who rode an awesome race and took the win, he's just getting used to the 1098 and I'm sure his pace will increase as the season goes on."

"Monday brought changeable weather and still the strong wind - that strong awnings were blow away and all sorts, it was very scarey down the back straight!"

"The first race started dry and I took the lead in the Supertwins and started to pull a gab, then it started to rain! Out on slick tyres I started to struggle, but pushed on, as soon as I saw the GP1 bike ahead of me leaving tracks in the wet tramac and a few of the front runners crashing out I really knocked off the pace."

I rode round expecting Les to come by (he'd got treaded tyres on) and sure enough he did, but I tried to hang on to him, then Scot came past. The following laps turned into an awesome race, with all 3 of us taking the lead whilst trying to work out how much grip there was. On the last lap I was in 2nd and planned to pass Les into Russels, but Les managed to pass a GP1 bike just before and I could not make the pass, but finished 2nd in the Twins."

The 2nd race started late and started spitting rain as we headed to the grid, with slicks on again I knew it was going to be hard work again. Scot Adam took the lead with me right on his tail, but all the time trying to feel for grip as it continued to rain in places on the ciruit. I was happy following Scot around and watching to judge the grip levels from his pace then on lap 7 as we headed to turn one there was a wall of rain, I tip-toed through turn 1 and headed for turn 2 where there was a wall of hail stones to greet us and the race was red flagged."

Well done to Les and Scot on there wins, a bit frustraiting for me as I know if we'd have had dry races I would have took the wins on Sunday and was aiming to push for top 5/6 in the GP1 races, but really glad to have come away from the meeting in one piece and a good lump of points."

Gutted for Duncan Gibson who had engine problems during testing and went home, I'm certain he would have done well at the weekend and the rest of us would have had to pull the pin to keep up with Dunc, especially when the weather turned bad!"

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12 April 2010

Great weather & results in Wales

Lee wins all 3 races at Pembrey, and sets personal best lap time in the process.

"I expected it to be a 3 way dice for the win, with myself, Duncan Gibson and Scot Adam - and from qualifying it certainly looked the case, all three of us qualifed next to each other on the grid, with me fastest by half a second." says Lee.

"In the first race I got a terrible start and Duncan & Scot got away from me slightly, but on Lap 3 Scot out broke himself and crashed at the Hairpin taking Duncan down as well, which left me in a lonely race just clocking off the laps for the win."

"On the Sunday I made much better starts in both races and although Duncan put me under pressure in both races, he was suffering from grip issues and I managed to secure the win in both"

"Great weekend, lovely weather (if not a little too nice!), looking forward to Snetterton in a months time"

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22 March 2010

Problems at Mallory!

"The day started with the generator packing up. We need a powerful (5.5KVA) generator to power the starter for the bike, and in the end managed to scrounge power from the circuit. All this carry on mean't I'd forgotten to check tyre pressures and after qualifying found I'd gone out on a front tyre with way too much tyre pressure and a rear with not enough!"

"So we qualified badly, and started the Allcomers race from the 4th row. I picked my way through the field to 8th place, but as I crossed the finish line the bike started making a lot of noise, I knocked the engine off and rolled to a stop at the exit of pit lane."

"The exhaust header on the front cylinder had cracked and we thought we were out of the meeting. However, Dad & Andy put together a contraption to try and hold the header in place and we got out for the final race."

"In the race I got a bad start (as usual) put picked my way up to 3rd. I notice the leaders only about a second a head of me were having a dice and pressed on hoping their battling would allow me to catch them up. As I got on the back of 2nd place we started to catch back-markers and it always went against me, twice I was millimetres from crashing into the slower riders and basically ran out of laps to make any more progress."

"Busy now making sure we have a better weekend at Pembrey!"

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15 March 2010

Great start to the new season!

Lee bags 3 wins from 3 starts at the opening round at Mallory Park

"It was very cold and coming back from such a bad injury last year the last thing I wanted to do was throw myself down the track again." explains Lee, "I did not expect to step on the top step of the podium this weekend once never mind all 3 times. Mind you, Duncan Gibson tried hard to stop me, I've known Duncan for years and he's certainly picked up the pace and a force to be reckoned with this year."

"We wouldn't have had it all our way if Scot Adam didn't have a nightmare weekend plagued with bike problems, I'm certain it will be at least a 3-way fight at the next round at Pembrey."

"Thanks to all my supporters at the weekend, including the usual team, also Tony @ Moto Corse and Stuart and his good lady from www.silksandshoes.com."

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15 April 2009

Lee crashes at Cadwell Park

Lee crashes in tricky conditions in qualifying and breaks collar bone.

"Not a good weekend" explains Lee, " I crashed on the first lap of qualifying,
broke my left collar bone and put a hole in my elbow. Really disapointed, as after doing 1.35's last year I was hoping to go a second or two quicker this year - which would have put me on the top step this year as well."

"They are saying 4-8 weeks recovery, so I may well miss another of my favourite tracks (Pembrey) as well - fingers crossed that I heal quickly!"

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24 March 2009

2 x 1st's for Lee @ Mallory Park

Lee races with New Era at Mallory Park and wins both Sound of Thunder races

"After problems with the bike last weekend, we were keen to resolve the issues this weekend" explains Lee.

"I'd been struggling with gear selection, and the problem returned again. It litterally took us until the last race to realise what the problem was, and (thanks to Lou) we realised it was quite simply the angle that we had got the rear sets set up."

Anyway, good racing, Chris Norris had his first outting on his 1098, and is quick straight out of the box, so looks like we'll have some battles this season - and he hasn't got used to the bike yet!"

I was still a second of the lap times I'd like to be setting, but it was a cold windy day, I'm still getting up to speed with the changes we've made to the bike and like I've already said, I was struggling with gear selection every lap, so quite pleased with how it all went."

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17 March 2009

4 x 2nd's for Lee @ First Round of 2009 Season

Only 4 weeks after having surgery on his knee, and only 1 test on the bike Lee enters the first round of the 2009 Thundersport GB Championship

Despite being very rusty and having a very swollen and sore knee, Lee manages to finish 2nd in all four races.

"I'd actually been signed off work for 6 weeks, but we couldn't afford to give away so many points at the start of the season, so we entered Mallory to try and pick up as many points as we could."

"I haven't been able to train due to the surgery, we've also made some big changes to the bike over the off season and the bike was only ready a week before, so I knew we were going to have a challenge ahead of us!"

"All things considered I was quite pleased how the weekend went. I took qualifying and the Saturday's racing quite steady, just trying to get back into the swing of things and getting used to the new geometry of the bike and the 16.5" wheels and slicks."

"Sunday was a much nicer day from a weather point of view and I was determined to try and fight for a win, however the bike had other ideas! I just started to get somewhere near the pace in the first race and the bike started giving me gear selection problems - I almost pulled out of the race, but managed to find gears again and finished the race."

"Between races we thought we found the problem, but they returned again after about the 2nd lap of the 2nd race, so I had to ride a bit of a measured race, as every now and again I would find a false neutral - frustrating, but at the end of the day we are only 20 points of the Championship leader instead of 100!"

"Well done to all the guys, Michael Price - who won all four and was unstoppable, Jamie Wilkins in the Streetfighther class, and Stuart Bradford for his podium in the second race. Best Wishes to Nino who crashed heavily at Devils Elbow - get well soon chap!"

"Looking forward to Cadwell in a months time, hope to be fitter by then and have the bike singing!" Lee.

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12 March 2009

Bike ready for 2009 Seasion!

The bike is now ready for the 2009 season, as you can see from the above picture.

Our first race is this weekend at Mallory Park...



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24 February 2009

Bike almost ready for 2009 Seasion!

The bike is nearly ready for the 2009 season, as you can see from the above picture.

Inprovements include:

  • 3 sets of 16.5" wheels (ex GSE racing)
  • Harris Fully Adjustable custom Yokes (not shown in picture)
  • Brembo SBK discs (not shown in picture)
  • Thumb brake lever for rear brake

Tony @ MotoCorse UK is busy beavering away on the bike getting it finished for our first test this weekend

The plan this year is to have two bikes, although we are still waiting delivery on what will be the No.1 bike for the 2009 season

More news as it happens...


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16 September 2008

Lee secures Championship

Lee finishes 3rd in all 3 races, and secures the 2008 ThunderSport GB Sound of Thunder Championship

"On Wednesday before the meeting it was looking unlikely that I'd make the meeting at all!" explains Lee, " here's what I was up against:"

  1. I'd NEVER ridden the circuit before
  2. I couldn't get into the trackday the day before - it was full (and I'd have had to cancel it anyway due to work commitments!)
  3. I'd worked something like 80 hours at work that week (we'd been a bit busy!)
  4. I had to learn the track during the two 15 minute qualifying sessions.
  5. We never got the gearing right, and was always struggling
  6. I was wearing through my boot every time we went out - down to my socks in the 2nd race and totally trashed the boot - knew there was an issue when I could feel fresh air coming in my boot down the straights!
  7. Changed foot rests for last race as I couldn't afford another set of boots - ended up having the gear lever just out of reach, and spent the whole race trying to actually change gear!!.. Still managed my fastest lap time of the weekend.

That said really enjoyed the circuit and we had cracking weather. Well done to Lee Cutts-Bland who set the pace in the SoT class and won all 3 races.
'Never say die' trophy goes to Chris Norris who's had a hell of a run of bad luck this year and ended up going home on the Saturday to pick up another bike so he could race on the Sunday after his No.1 bike expired!

Big thanks to everyone who's helped me over the year:"

  • Jackie
  • Mum & Dad
  • Ross & Abi
  • Lou
  • Tony @ Moto Corse UK
  • Gary & Vince @ SDC Performance
  • Paul & Linda @ PLJ
  • ...and anyone else I forgot!!

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7 September 2008

Bad weekend at Donington Park

Lee crashes out of the first race on the first lap in tricky conditions. Not having any track time to test the bike after the high speed crash, Lee limps the bike round in the 2nd race to secure some points.

Lee now needs only 12 points from the next 4 races to seal the championship.

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25 August 2008

Bike problems at Pembrey

Lee headed to the Welsh circuit knowing if he could win all 3 races he could sew up the Thundersport Sound of Thunder Championship.

Qualifying and race 1 went to plan as Lee won the first race comfortably. However bike problems in race 2 saw Lee having to pull out of the race, Lee explains:

"We were running quite tall gearing which I preferred through out the race and meant fewer gear changes, but it was costing me off the line and I always seemed to loose a few places on the start. Race 2 was identical to race 1, Lee Cutts-Bland got a flyer and I was about 4 for 5 places behind him on the first lap. I gradually picked my way past the other riders and by about lap 4 I was right on his tail. As I entered Honda Curve I noticed the oil pressure light was flashing on my dash, by the time I'd got round the Hairpin it was on fully and pulled immediately out of the race. "

"I was gutted as I knew immediately that we would not tie up the Championship this weekend, but more concerned with what might be the state of my bike. A quick call to the ever helpful Tony @ MotoCorse UK and he suggested it was more than likely going to be a faulty sensor rather than an actual oil pressure problem."

"Graham Goodyear very kindly lent me the sensor from his spare bike and the light went out, although concerning when we put my sensor in his bike it did not show a fault - we were going into race 3 not knowing if we'd solved the problem!"

"I took the first few laps of race 3 quite steady keeping one eye on the dash, but the light never showed, so I got my head down and took the lead early on, I then chased down the riders fighting for 3rd place in the GP1 race. I managed to pass a couple of them several times only to be re-passed down the Straights - after a few near-crash moments trying to bridge the 20 or so BHP difference in bike performance I decided to let them have their own battles and settle for the Sound Of Thunder win. I finished some 20 seconds+ ahead of the next Sound of Thunder Machine."

"In all I came away a little disappointed, but relieved that we finished on a high. We now go to the World Superbike Round at Donington Park needing to win one of the two races to clinch the championship - it would be nice to seal it there!"

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18 August 2008

First crash of the Season for Lee

Lee goes down heavy on his second lap round Castle Combe and dislocates his right shoulder...

"We'd entered the Sound of Thunder and Superbike Grand National at Castle Combe. I've always really enjoyed racing at the circuit and was looking forward to a great weekend."

"On Saturday we awoke to a wet circuit and the Sound of Thunder qualifying was first out on circuit. With the weather looking very uncertain I was determined to get a quick lap in sooner rather than later and so started to push right from the off. Unfortunately this was my downfall, although it was not raining the circuit was very greasy and on approaching one of the chicanes (whilst still upright) I lost the front and went down heavy. Luckily both I and the bike slid down the track (what seemed like for miles). When I got to my feet I realised I'd dislocated my shoulder (again!).."

"As I walked to the side of the track with the marshals I knew I needed to get my shoulder back in as quickly as possible and after a few attempts it went back in and the gut wrenching pain went away a little."

"We got the bike back to the awning and started to assess the damage to the bike, I reached down to put the bike on the front paddock stand and my shoulder dislocated again - I can only assume I hadn't got it back in fully at the side of the track.,"

"This time it took me what seemed like forever to get it back in, all the time having to concentrate on not throwing up - the pain was unreal - anyway I got it back in and decided to sit down for a while!!"

"Dad and my new technical expert Ross (my brother) beavered away on the bike while I contemplated whether we could race the rest of the weekend - I decided to sit out the first Sound of Thunder race and analyse my fitness later on - as it turned out this was a good call as the first race was neither wet or dry and would not have been enjoyable!"

"As time wore on my should felt a bit better and the real pain I was feeling was from my right knee, which must have took a right bashing when I crashed, we decided to go out in the 2nd Sound of Thunder race and see how I faired. As I had only done 1 lap in qualifying I was 19th on the grid - so it was going to be an interesting race"

"I worked my way up to 6th spot and by the end of the race was doing lap times very similar to the top 4 (except Alistair Fagan who had destroyed the rest of the field to take the win). I was struggling quite a bit as my right arm felt very weak and was not happy with the bike getting out of shape too much as I was uncertain I could react if it got too out of shape."

"The last session on the Saturday was free practice for the Superbike Grand National, I went out and went nearly a second faster than I'd done in the Sound of Thunder race, I was 14th fastest overall, with the majority of the people ahead of me being BSB regulars - so I was quite happy - although frustrated at the fact I was being impaired by the state of my shoulder."

"On Sunday the SuperBike Grand National timed qualifying was first out on track and the track was damp in places, I was not 100% committed and feeling a bit hesitant when reaching areas with damp spots - I qualified 16th for the two main races of the day."

"We then had the final Sound of Thunder race (back on 19th on the grid for the start again) and I was determined to finish on the podium. I had a great race, but took too long to get through the slower traffic and finished forth - again doing lap times equal to the riders ahead of me."

"We had a great Superbike Grand National race 1, I had some good battles with the riders around me and managed to finish 13th overall. But really struggled after the 7th lap as the injury's started to take it out of me"

"We decided to finish on a relative high and not try and compete in the 15 lap final of the Superbike Grand National - we have a big weekend ahead of us this coming weekend at Pembrey and decided to give my shoulder a better chance of being fit by resting it"

"Big thanks to the team - Mum, Dad, Ross, Abi, Lou and Jackie (who was stuck at home dog sitting!) - and thanks to Colin Young for his hospitality and Kevin Jones for his forever entertaining company!!!"

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11 August 2008

Bridesmaid @ Donington Park

Lee races at Donington Park with New Era and despite setting his own personal best lap time round the circuit, has to settle for 2nd place!

"We were just racing from practice - but Saturday was a wash out," explains Lee," We had a flooded first race, which I pulled out of before I crashed out of! Then pulled out of the second race (whilst in 2nd place) as the track started to dry and my wet tyres turned into gum."

"Sunday didn't start out much better, 4 laps into qualifying it started to rain and then the session was stopped. I checked the timing screen and at the time I was on pole, with the drizzle coming down I didn't expect to better my time, so didn't bother going back out when the session restarted. However most did and the track dried and I dropped to 3rd on the grid."

"In the race I slotted into 2nd place behind Marcus Wade on a Triumph 675, as the race was over 25 minutes and was going to be around 20+ laps I was in no hurry to fight for the lead, so I followed him for about the first 6 or 7 laps, then we hit back-markers and I seemed to always get the rough end of the deal, as Marcus slowly crept away from me. By around lap 17 or so it started to rain, not heavy but enough for me to knock off the pace and I truly lost sight of Marcus."

"Despite this I still finished over 14 seconds ahead of 3rd place man, and set my own personal best time in the process. Pleased that we'd tried different gearing etc and set a good lap time despite the strong wind that must have been effecting the times, as I was really struggling in places on the track."

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28 July 2008

Another win @ Mallory Park

Lee wins the Sound of Thunder race at Mallory Park on Sunday, but it didn't all go to plan, Lee explains:

"It was really hot, must have been 30 degrees, and I was really struggling with rear end grip in qualifying. Round Gerards and the Devils Elbow the bike would not go as fast as I wanted it to without sliding constantly."

"Despite this I set my fastest lap ever round Mallory at 55.9 and qualified 9th on the grid, second in the SoT, behind Francis Williamson on the KTM RC8."

"Francis is a class rider with lots of experience, so I knew in the race it would be hard to beat him (he'd qualified half a second faster than me, which was not too daunting, as I knew if we could get some grip we could do low 55's."

"The race started and I was right on Francis's tail round Gerards, on the exit I pushed hard, determined to out brake him into Edwina's, I pulled off the move and passed him and another rider. On the next lap Francis tried the same move on me (which I thought was a bit of a brave move, as I was strong into Edwina's) - he out broke himself, collided with another rider and they both went down."

"I had to take avoiding action, but stayed on. At this point the leading pack of GP1 bikes had then gapped me, but with Francis out of the race and the other SoT bikes being at least a second a lap slower than me in qualifying, I knew if I set consistent lap times the race would be mine.

"On lap 7 the Norton ridden by Lee Dickenson came past me into Gerrads gushing water from the engine, I followed him into Edwina's and then he highsided coming out right in front of me, I just missed him, then the bike, then the bike of Ricky Snell as he collided with the spinning Norton. Both Rob Elsemere (GP1) and Lee Cutts-Bland (SoT) got passed me before I got back up to pace. I lost over 4 seconds on that lap and now had a race to take back the lead in the SoT."

"I caught Lee a lap later and then passed Rob, and started to try and get into a rhythm again. With the race being so long in hot temperatures I focused on doing low consistent 56's. Every lap at the Hairpin I was checking on the gap from Lee Cutts-Bland and could see I was gradually dropping him, I didn't realise Rob Elsemere had hooked on the back of me and was right on my tail. He passed me down the straight on the last lap and took 8th place on track from me. It did not effect my SoT class win, so I wasn't too bothered."

"Really trying race, totally shattered after it - the heat (temperature) and then the heat of incidents really took it out of me!."

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14 July 2008

Lee wins at Donington Park with NG Road Racing

"I love Donington Park!" says Lee, "Although we don't get to race there that often, I hadn't raced the National Circuit for about 3 years."

"I started the first Sound of Thunder race from 27th on the grid, as the club runs the first race in Championship positions, and as I haven't been racing with them I was at the back of the grid."

"I stormed my way up to the front in the short 7 lap race, catching the 2 675's that were dicing for the lead and took the lead around lap 5. Unfortunately the last lap flag was not shown to be as we crossed the line for the penultimate time, which cost me the race - I'd caught the leaders so easily, I didn't expect anyone to have been in a position to make a challenge back on the last lap and left the door open into Goddards on the last corner of the race and one of the Triumphs made a pass before the chequered flag!"

"Fortunately the 2nd race grid is formed in the finishing order of the first race, and as over the day I'd set a lap time nearly a second quicker than the rest of the field, I didn't expect to be challenged in the 2nd race. I was wrong, both the Triumphs and Mark Woods on is 998 RS picked up the pace, but I was not going to be mugged this time - and took the win in the end!"

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30 June 2008

9 Wins from 9 Starts

Another 3 wins from 3 starts at Snetterton over the weekend sees points advantage now to over 130 points in the Championship.

"I couldn't afford the time away from work on the Friday, so I had to miss the testing day before hand, and started the weekend on the back-foot." explained Lee,

"But I stuck in a time matching my personal best in qualifying 2 which put me first of the Sound Of Thunder Bikes by nearly 2 seconds.

During the races I was never troubled by the other SoT runners (unfortunately there was only 3 of us out there!), but had some good scraps with the GP1 runners."

Off to Mallory next where I hope the Duke will be a little bit more competitive against the GP1 bikes.

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3 June 2008

6 Wins from 6 Starts

Another 3 wins from 3 starts at Brands Hatch over the weekend sees points advantage now at 77 points in the Championship.

"I'd not been to Brands Hatch for 3 years" says Lee, " and prior to that I'd not had much time are the circuit, so I wasn't expecting to be able to repeat the performance at Cadwell Park. Lee Cutts-Bland, who is chasing me in the Championship, looked strong all weekend and I didn't expect it to go all my way. Plus local boy (and my buddy) Kevin Jones was riding out of his skin on his prehistoric Suzuki TLR setting his own personal best times round his local track, I expected a fight.
Sure enough in the first race Lee Cutts-Bland (Aprilia), Harry Cole (Ducati 1098) and myself fought it out until around lap 12 where I got passed a GP1 bike and managed to make a small break before taking the flag.

In race 2 Lee Cutts-Bland shot off like a rocket and I knew I'd have to ride hard to keep with him, but he pushed too hard on Clearways whilst tussling with a GP1 bike, lost the front and crashed out.
I knew then just to keep it steady and make sure I didn't though away the points.

For a change in race 3 I got a good start and never felt any pressure (or the sound of any twins behind me) and rode a measured ride to take the win again. Glad to get Brands out of the way and get back to circuits I know well, Snetterton should be good for the 1098, Mallory should be awesome where I hope to be putting a bit more pressure on the GP1 boys!"

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19 May 2008

Lee strengthens his ThunderSport GB Championship Lead

3 wins from 3 starts at Cadwell Park over the weekend sees Lee stretch out a 38 point lead advantage in the championship.

Setting his own personal best of 1m 35.5 around the Lincolnshire circuit on Saturday, Lee came 3rd on track in the GP1 race.

"Awesome!" says Lee, "Probably my best race ever, I started 5th on the grid, but I am really struggling to get the Duke of the line and I had dropped to 9th by the end of the first lap!
I had to make some pretty desperate moves to force myself past the GP1 class bikes, as all of them are quicker than my Superstock spec Ducati - some by around 30bhp! The only disappointment of the weekend is that I tired as the weekend went on, my forearms could only take so many desperate out breaking maneuvers!.. With it looking likely we'll be mixed in with the GP1 class for the rest of the year, I'm going to have to work on my fitness if I'm going to mix it with the superbike spec bikes in the class!... Good weekend though, finally cracked one of my bogie circuits!".

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21 April 2008

Lee stays 3rd in New Era Sound of Thunder

Despite a rather average weekend Lee stays 3rd in the Championship after the Cadwell meeting. Freezing cold and windy on Saturday Lee struggled with the lack of confidence and rode two measured races to 5th place in both.

Missing the wet practice on the Sunday morning, Lee struggled in race 1 due to bad bike setup and a misting visor.

Despite totally messing up the start in race two, Lee battled up to 2nd place in the final race of the day.

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6 April 2008

Lee leads ThunderSport GB Sound of Thunder Championship

Despite his clutch giving up for ghost around 2/3rds race distance, Lee manages to limp the Ducati home and take the lead in the Championship at Oulton Park .

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