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28 February 2011

First time on track in 2011

The team spent a cold and wet day at Mallory Park on Sunday at the official Thundersport GB Test Day.

"I was looking forward to getting on the No.1 (dry) bike and getting some quality track time, but it wasn't to be .." Says Lee.
"The weather was dreadful all day, so we took the wet bike out for a shake down in 3 of the sessions. It wasn't a totally wasted day, but I'd have prefered it to have been dry (at least for part of the day!)."

"Its a bit frustraiting as we've made some developments with the fast bike (thanks to Dave Allenby and Tony @ Motocorse UK) and I was looking forward to testing it in anger! - plus I can't get motivated to test in the wet, as far as I'm concerned, the only thing you can gain is a big repair bill if you push too hard!"

"Thanks to all the team for putting up with the crap conditions - hoping to get out again before the first round."

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posted by The Team

15 February 2011

Final Prep for 2011 Season

No.1 Bike is now with Tony @ Motocorse UK having fueling setup and some goodies added!
Dave Allenby has done a top job getting the bike rebuilt.

No.2 Bike still has some work needed, waiting for the front forks to come back from K-Tech.
Hope to be out testing before the month is out - more news as it happens!.

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posted by The Team

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