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22 March 2010

Problems at Mallory!

"The day started with the generator packing up. We need a powerful (5.5KVA) generator to power the starter for the bike, and in the end managed to scrounge power from the circuit. All this carry on mean't I'd forgotten to check tyre pressures and after qualifying found I'd gone out on a front tyre with way too much tyre pressure and a rear with not enough!"

"So we qualified badly, and started the Allcomers race from the 4th row. I picked my way through the field to 8th place, but as I crossed the finish line the bike started making a lot of noise, I knocked the engine off and rolled to a stop at the exit of pit lane."

"The exhaust header on the front cylinder had cracked and we thought we were out of the meeting. However, Dad & Andy put together a contraption to try and hold the header in place and we got out for the final race."

"In the race I got a bad start (as usual) put picked my way up to 3rd. I notice the leaders only about a second a head of me were having a dice and pressed on hoping their battling would allow me to catch them up. As I got on the back of 2nd place we started to catch back-markers and it always went against me, twice I was millimetres from crashing into the slower riders and basically ran out of laps to make any more progress."

"Busy now making sure we have a better weekend at Pembrey!"

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15 March 2010

Great start to the new season!

Lee bags 3 wins from 3 starts at the opening round at Mallory Park

"It was very cold and coming back from such a bad injury last year the last thing I wanted to do was throw myself down the track again." explains Lee, "I did not expect to step on the top step of the podium this weekend once never mind all 3 times. Mind you, Duncan Gibson tried hard to stop me, I've known Duncan for years and he's certainly picked up the pace and a force to be reckoned with this year."

"We wouldn't have had it all our way if Scot Adam didn't have a nightmare weekend plagued with bike problems, I'm certain it will be at least a 3-way fight at the next round at Pembrey."

"Thanks to all my supporters at the weekend, including the usual team, also Tony @ Moto Corse and Stuart and his good lady from www.silksandshoes.com."

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posted by The Team

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