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12 April 2011

Onboard footage from Race 1 at Donington Park

Footage from onboard camera of Race 1 at Donington Park:

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11 April 2011

Problems at Donington Park

The weekend started well, with Lee qualifying top Supertwin and 13th on the grid. The team had been working hard to try and resolve some suspension issues and were confident the changes we'd made would improve results in the race.
Lee had a great race 1 on Saturday and pushed his way up to 8th overall and finished top Supertwin.

"I had a great race", explains Lee," Some good scraps with the GP1 boys and really enjoyed the race, I knew where I could improve and was looking to shave another second off my lap time on Sunday so we could push for a top 5 finish in the overall race".

Unfortunately on Sunday we had a problem with the number one bike, just before heading out to the grid for the first race, the team quickly had to switch wheels and send Lee out on the Number 2 bike (which hadn't been setup for the dry)

"It was very frustrating after the progress we'd made on Saturday to have to head out on the slow bike - which was not set up what so ever. I really struggled in the race as the brakes were dreadful, suspension felt real soft and the bike felt really slow! I held the Supertwin lead for about half the race before Scot Adam came past, I managed to hang with him and hoped to make a pass into the chicane on the last lap - however I had a massive slide coming out of coppice and this prevented me from being close enough to try."

"In between races we switched the whole front end over from the fast bike, including the whole front break setup, in a hope to make the best bike of what we'd got - this still wouldn't help the fact that we'd got a stock engine, which meant we'd get blitzed by the GP1 boys, but hoped it would help to keep on top of the Supertwins. I held the lead for a lot longer again this time, but eventually Scot came past with about 3 laps to go. I stayed with him and worked on where I could re-pass. However we caught some back markers right at the wrong time as we approached Red Gate, Scott got passed the pair of them before the corner, but I had to slot in between them, this gave Scot a second or so gap, which I just couldn't make back up before the flag."

"Very disappointed after such a promising start to the weekend. Fair play to Scot he rode well in both the races. Even though we had these problems, we have extended our lead in the championship. I think we need to spend some time on the No.2 bike in the dry, as it didn't feel like my bike and if we need to use it in the dry again I'd like to be a lot more confident on it."

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