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10 May 2011

Knightmare @ Anglesey!

The team have a knightmare at Anglesey, an electrical fault causes problems on the test day and most of the day is spent trying to resolve the issue. The team eventually assume the fault is due to a faulty ECU and replace the ECU on the No.1 Bike with the ECU from the No.2 Bike.

The bike behaved great during qualifying, only to break down on the warm-up lap for Race 1.

Clearly we had not found the problem, but what ever it was it had blown both ECU's - and we had no more!..

Now with no running bike the team faced going home and having to miss the racing on Sunday. Tony from MotoCorse UK drove up from Wrexham to bring a stock ECU from one of their track bikes. Although the fueling would not be great, we would at least be able to run the No.2 Bike and race on the Sunday.

Lee struggled in both races, having missed the majority of testing time and running on a badly fueled and under powered spare bike, but still managed to get 3rd in both races and limit the damage over the weekend.

BIG THANKS to Tony @ MotoCorse for his help on the Saturday Night!

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