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31 August 2010

The Team secure 2010 Championship at Brands Hatch

Lee lands 3 podiums and scores enough points to seal the Championship over the Bank Holiday weekend at Brands Hatch Indy circuit.

Race report to follow shortly!

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posted by The Team

9 August 2010

Lap recorded smashed at Cadwell Park

Mixed results at Cadwell Park for the team, but Lee breaks his own lap record and increases Championship lead.

"Race 1 on Saturday is best not talked about!"

"We had some odd conditions and the first part of the race was red flagged when it started to rain and a couple of riders went down heavily."

"I was in two minds as to which bike / tyres to go out on for the restart, but only having the choice of slicks or wets I decided to play it safe and go out on wets - WRONG CHOICE! The track was bone dry by the time we got going and I wobbled round purely to take some points."

"Well done to Scott for making the right choice and the win, well done too to Les for making the wrong choice and going out on wets like me, but laping 8 seconds a lap faster than I was able to go!"

"Fortunately the weather on Sunday was much better and we had two dry races."

"In the first race on Sunday (race 2) I got a clean start and was right behind a GP1 bike that was doing the same sort of pace as me, as the race went on I started to up my pace and was being held up a little, but had not felt any pressure from behind so was happy to follow the GP1 bike home - little did I know that Robin Hooker had caught me at one point - he had also taken the lap record and gone a a couple of tenths faster than me - race 3 was going to be interesting!"

"The next race started exactly the same as the previous race, I managed to get a good start and sat behind the same GP1 bike. At first he stretched a gap on me, but I soon got back onto his back wheel - just as his bike started spewing something on the track. I found myself mesmorised and wondering how many big moments he was going to have before he either put his hand up and pulled over or crashed."

"This slowed my pace somewhat and going down Park Straight Robin Hooker came past me, I tried to outbreak him, but as he had the inside line I had to fall in behind him."

"We were soon on the back of the GP1 bike and it was Robin's turn to sit behind the scarey Suzuki ahead of us, as we all went through Hall Bends the GP1 rider had a highside moment and retired, this distracted Robin just enought for me to slip through down to the Old Hairpin."

"I then put my head down, and assumed that Robin may have actually got caught up with the GP1 bike, I was wrong! - in hindsight I should have covered the inside up to Park, but again Robin passed me, I then got caught up with a backmarker and Robin got away slightly."

"I pushed on and caught Robin again, this time we caught a backmarker going up to the Mountain, Robin got passed him and I tried to follow, just as the slower rider cut my nose off, I ran over the curbs and managed to stay on the bike, and got passed the back marker before Hall Bends."

"On the next lap I broke the lap record and got right on the back of Robin just as we headed into the last lap, his bike was quicker than mine so I couldn't pass him into Park, but made up the lost ground on the breaks as we headed to the Gooseneck and Mansfield, I realised I wasn't close enough to make a safe pass."

"I decided I'd line him up for a block pass into the Old Hairpin, and was prepared to follow him over the Mountain and Hall Bends to get the line and speed perfect for the pass, but as we went over the Mountain I'd managed to get along side him and went for a pass into Hall Bends. Unfortunately I felt I hadn't got along side far enough for Robin to realise I was there and rather than us both going down I pulled in behind him, this then ruined my line through Hall Bends and the chance to pass at the Hairpin. I then nearly highsided out of the Hairpin as I was eager to still try and take the win, but I failed and crossed the line 0.3 seconds behind Robin."

"Good racing though, pleased I knocked a good chunk off my best round at Cadwell, though I think if I could have got a clear track in the final race I could have dipped into the 33's. Hard luck to Scot who crashed out in race 3, and welldone to Les for recovering from a pretty disastrous week with his bike."

"Brands Hatch next, probably my worst circuit and Robin will be there again, along with Duncan Gibson, Scot & Les will both be back fighting so I'm going to have my work cut out to even get on the Podium!"

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posted by The Team

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