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16 September 2008

Lee secures Championship

Lee finishes 3rd in all 3 races, and secures the 2008 ThunderSport GB Sound of Thunder Championship

"On Wednesday before the meeting it was looking unlikely that I'd make the meeting at all!" explains Lee, " here's what I was up against:"

  1. I'd NEVER ridden the circuit before
  2. I couldn't get into the trackday the day before - it was full (and I'd have had to cancel it anyway due to work commitments!)
  3. I'd worked something like 80 hours at work that week (we'd been a bit busy!)
  4. I had to learn the track during the two 15 minute qualifying sessions.
  5. We never got the gearing right, and was always struggling
  6. I was wearing through my boot every time we went out - down to my socks in the 2nd race and totally trashed the boot - knew there was an issue when I could feel fresh air coming in my boot down the straights!
  7. Changed foot rests for last race as I couldn't afford another set of boots - ended up having the gear lever just out of reach, and spent the whole race trying to actually change gear!!.. Still managed my fastest lap time of the weekend.

That said really enjoyed the circuit and we had cracking weather. Well done to Lee Cutts-Bland who set the pace in the SoT class and won all 3 races.
'Never say die' trophy goes to Chris Norris who's had a hell of a run of bad luck this year and ended up going home on the Saturday to pick up another bike so he could race on the Sunday after his No.1 bike expired!

Big thanks to everyone who's helped me over the year:"

  • Jackie
  • Mum & Dad
  • Ross & Abi
  • Lou
  • Tony @ Moto Corse UK
  • Gary & Vince @ SDC Performance
  • Paul & Linda @ PLJ
  • ...and anyone else I forgot!!

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7 September 2008

Bad weekend at Donington Park

Lee crashes out of the first race on the first lap in tricky conditions. Not having any track time to test the bike after the high speed crash, Lee limps the bike round in the 2nd race to secure some points.

Lee now needs only 12 points from the next 4 races to seal the championship.

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